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Beauty Salons

Garage & Dealership

Housing buildings

Town house, duplex, apartment building: whatever it is, we got just the right system to ensure peace of mind to you and security to your leaseholders.

Your Home

Are you certain of what your babysitter does in your absence? Do you need to keep an eye on an elderly parent or a beloved pet? Do you have troubles with vandalism or theft? Would you like some added security for yourself and your family, or a smarter home? Our specialists will suggest you just the system you need.

Jewelry Store

When your business is all about precious metals and stones, it is only wise to ensure that extra protection. Keep an eye on your cash, valuables, clients and workers to prevent theft, and feel safer by installing cameras all around your store so you see potential troublemakers from a good distance.

Restaurants & Cafés

Keep an eye on the cash registers, ensure your employees' efficiency, and obtain valuable data such as most and least visited hours. Our professionals will ensure you get the system that meets your business needs, just as they did for so many of our clients.

Convenience Stores

Places of Worship &

Community Centers

Make sure everything runs as peacefully and serenely as it should.
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Because it's you who matters.

Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to providing a quality service to our clients. We take the time to understand your needs and wills completely and bring the most effective and cost-wise solution ensuring you get the security you deserve. We're proud that so many of our clients have recommended us to family and friends for the quality of our work. We are determined to work hard to bring you the best solution at minimal price.

Our Clients

We have many satisfied clients from all spheres of the business world, as well as many installations at private homes. The diversity is large, and so the needs vary largely from one client to the other. We have ensured each one of them gets the solution best shaped to their own business or home. Call us today, and we will make a free estimation of your needs, too.

Academies & Institutes

Make teaching the main focus of your professionals, and give security to ours.

Storehouses & Manufactory

Storehouses and manufactory are big projects best left to the care of professionals. Our engineers will help you decide where best to put your cameras so you can control your resources, personnel, and prevent theft.
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